Steps to success

Unlike any other diet, Cambridge Weight Plan offers unique one-to-one Consultant support and an extensive range of fantastic products, with programmes that offer something for everyone whatever your circumstances or weight loss target.

Please note that calories given are approximations rather than precise values. We use official food composition tables to calculate the nutritional information for Cambridge Weight Plan products, food lists and recipes. However, the nutrients that all foods contain have natural variations and therefore we are only able to give estimates of the energy and nutrient content.

The higher Steps offer more gradual weight loss, and are ideal for people wanting to work their way up the Steps to stabilisation by gradually increasing their intake of conventional food.

We also have an additional lower calorie Step that ranges from 450 to 600kcal called the Total Diet Replacement Step. If you would like more information about this Step please speak to your Consultant.

Your Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant will guide you through your weight-loss journey and offer advice on preparation, stabilisation and weight management. They'll also help you in the long term with advice on fitness and establishing a healthy relationship with food.

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