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Maria odessa Padua
Muscat, Oman

Muscat, Oman
My first month with Cambridge Weight Plan

Having just recently relocated to Oman from the Uk, I was looking for an ideal way to lose weight and become healthy! I had previously used Cambridge Weight Plan and began researching to see if it was available here. I was happy to find out that not only was it available, but Neela was only 15 minutes away!

So I phoned to make an appointment and started straight away with step 1 (sole source). The first few days were tough but having done it before, I knew what to expect and Neela helped by giving me guidelines too.

I plan to continue my journey with CWP until I lose another 10 Kilos and get to my goal weight!

Mrs. Maureen Hartland
Muscat, Oman
Cambridge Weight Plan will be in my life forever to keep my weight maintained and never go back to being as heavy as I was!

I wish I could have blamed 'becoming a mother' as an excuse for my weight gain but the truth of the matter was.. I was a bit chunky before becoming a mum and became even more so after I had my son.

After tipping the scales at 75.5, not recognizing the person in the photographs being tagged on Facebook I knew I finally had to take action, I had heard about Neela at the Cambridge diet centre. Neela is very kind and sympathetic and is a true optimist that anyone can do this diet and see excellent results!

I was so excited to get started, I purchased all the meals (starting off on 500 calories a day) I found the first week quite tough, I was so tired, and was hungry all the time but Neela prepared me for this as my body was ridding itself of water and sugar. I saw results immediately!! In the first week I lost nearly 5 kilos!! and subsequent weeks were at least a kilo a week, I started the diet in October 2013 and reached my target weight of 60kg by the 10th March 2014!! absolutely incredible!! What's more than looking good is I felt the best I had done in years, I had so much energy to finally start going to the gym. Throughout the diet process I still gave myself some treats every now and then but they didn't taste as good as I remember, they also didn't make me feel well at all!!

Now it's the 28th June, I am still 60kg, eating healthy, exercising and still enjoying a few cambridge meals here and there (if I had put on weight at the weekend for example, i'll do a few days of the cambridge diet to get me back on track) This is the best diet I have ever tried, it really works!

Nicola Selway
Muscat, Oman
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